Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Art Lulls

...Muse! Where are you?...

   Gee, it's been a while since I have posted anything. I'm having a bad case of artist block. This is the longest lull that I have been through. Hopefully something will smack it outta me! LOL! It hasn't made it easy to get anything done in my sketchbook. It was suppose to be a daily...or at least some what daily sketchbook. It's probably been a week or more since anything has been added! I'm not giving up on it though. I am determined to fill it. Here is one of the last things that I done in it...

I did a face too...which I'm not really good at. I can't decide whether or not if I like it. Here's a snippet of that...

So, what does one do when they can't figure out there art muse? You check out what's new in the neighborhood. Recently a huge Bass Pro Shop store opened up here. I thought that there can't possibly be anything in there that I want. ...but hmmm, I think anyone can find something that they like! Check out the inside of this place! It looks like you're in the woods!

Some of the store made you feel like you were in a log cabin. Lot's of animal trophy's. Eek! Deer heads, Moose...other big animals. :( They also had fish, but I think they were fake. :)

I wish we could have our own individual mailboxes. I would love to have one of these fish!

They even had fish pillows! I know...everything to fill all of my fish fascination! (...and yes, they had a lot of bird thangs too!) Anyways, that's what one does during an art lull. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Foodie Kind Of Day

...another mini adventure...

   A mini adventure, or what my family likes to call, "Adventure Time." It's what we do, with these simple rules. Go as far as you can on one tank of gas. Drop yourself in an area that's unfamiliar to you and see what you find. Cheap lunch is a must! Pictures, pft! No brainer, take lotsa pics! Usually it's my three son's and I that go on these adventures. However, my hubby is home for a break from work. (Military) So, he took me and our two youngest kiddo's to Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay CA
   The hubster had us breaking some rules! Lunch wasn't cheap, but are we complaining? Nope! We ate at Belcampo Meat Co. in Palo Alto.

 It's a butcher shop that also sells some cooked items. Jonah and I had the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Jeryn and the hubster had Meatball Subs. We all shared a mess of frites and downed some bottled Cola. (Well worth the rule breaking.)

Here's my fistful...

...so...we're sitting outside...and while we are eating, we spy a sweet shop. Ugh! Must we? Yes of course we must! We wander into Tout Sweet Patisserie. 

At this point I haven't even tasted anything, but the eye candy alone is delicious. The shop is sparkling white, with pops of intense colors. Yum!

The store keeper, which now I guess I shoulda asked her name, was so kind. I asked if she minded me taking a bunch of pictures. She smiled and said click away! We made a small purchase, but dang you could spend a small fortune on these sweets. I can understand why though, their goods are time consuming styled sweetness

*Sigh...look at those lil beauties!

After our foodie obsessed session, we drove over to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Half Moon Bay.

We were a little bummed...it was high tide. I was thinking of all of the things I might find in the tidal pools, but hmmm...a little tough to do when they are underwater! LOL! 

No creatures, but I did spy some stacked rocks. What does it mean? Who know's what it meant to the first person that started it. Some think it's to symbolize patience and balance in life. Another theory is that, it's a prayer. In other cultures, it's a trail marker or cache. All in all, it was a grand mini adventure. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh Really?!

...a daily sketchbook...

   I've said it time and again, that I can't complete a whole sketchbook. I have maybe three...hmmm...or more sketchbooks with only one or two sketches! I am determined to see at least one of these books through. So far I made it to day four. Haven't gotten to today's sketch, but the day is still young. :) 
   Sorta weird, but I think some of my problem is that I start on page one. The front of the book. It makes me feel like, gosh, look at all of the remaining pages that I have to fill. So I decided to play a Jedi mind trick on myself. A way to take away some of the anxiety of blank pages. This time around, I am flipping to a random page and art'ing it out there. When I'm done with the sketch, I number the page and date it. I think in the future, leafing through the pages with random days in order, will be a more interesting read.  Yes, reading a sketchbook! I can't help but to add found poetry and quotes. Below is my first sketch...

Had to start with birds. It's what I love to draw most, next to fish. Might as well start with the King, no?

Drawing #2

I'm not too happy about this one, but I did try to go outside my comfort zone. I don't recall ever drawing a deer.

Sketch #3

This is my favorite of all the sketches so far. I was happy that I could fill a whole spread. 

Finally, sketch #4

Queen Annes's Lace...I love the look of the real flower. Some consider it a weed, but I love it's delicate beauty.

Anyways, fingers crossed that you see more sketches...that'll mean that I'm on my way to finally filling a sketchbook.