Saturday, August 22, 2015

Out going mail and a Big 'Ol Oops! apologies...

   First, why an apology? If you've been browsing my earliest blog posts, you might notice that some of the pic's are missing. I recently upgraded my phone and it's an android now, instead of an Iphone. My new Samsung uses Google...which for pictures uses Picasa as a backup thang. I wanted to get rid of the pics on Picasa, from my phone. It backed up e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g....including mistake photo's and photo edits. From my view point, it looked like I was successful at removing unwanted pics. In reality, I was deleting them off of my blog! I still don't know how or why....the kicker...everything is STILL on my phone! I talked to two from Samsung and one from Google. Both couldn't help me! Wah?! I give up on that front. So, please forgive me while I slowly get those posts back to normal. 

...okay, that was long winded and boring...let's get on to some pictures. ('Cause that's all peeps really wanna see. Right?!) Here are some pics of what I've been up to as of late...

Those who know me, know that I lead a monthly swap. (Envie Addicts Unite!) Here is the August Envie that I did. My partner just so happens to like daisies. On the back I added the poem, "Daisy Time." click the link to see the poem. One of the lines suggests that Daises are stars in the grass. It's why I tried to make my Daisies shine like stars. 

I was in another swap that was for "found poetry." It had to be a dark themed poem. Here is a small 4x4 inch piece that I did...

The poem "Dark Truth," is by Robert William Service. Click the link to read the complete work. 

My friend, Donna Hicks, told our group about an envelope art contest that's going on. It's for the Edward Gorey House. If you don't know who Edward Gorey is, you might have seen his work on the PBS series called, "Mystery!" The link on his name will give you a little bit more info on him. Here's what I will send in...

So, I pulled a dumb move...I read the instructions a while back, before doing the art. I forgot that it was suppose to be Halloween themed! When I started this envelope, I had only the slug and lady sketched out. It was a take on Edward's art seen here. To make it "Halloweenie," I added the top, which was inspired by this. I liked it better without the Halloween addition, but whaddaya gonna do?

Finally, I played around with some cheery colors for this piece. There was a request for art on our AFA site. The person that requested the art, is making a book for a younger friend of her's, that thinks she has no friends. From what I see so far, she will have a very big book of artist friends. AFA peeps, have big hearts! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

3 Marker Challenge

...bird postcard...

   My arty friend, Tracy Anderson, challenges our art group every so often. This time, she's asking us to try out the 3 marker challenge. According to the rules, you can use three different color markers and a black and white pen. Here's how I started. 

I'm using two Spectrum Noir pens. One is a brown color, GB10 to be exact. The other color is a Navy Blue color, BT9. The last color is from a Prismacolor pen, Violet Mist, PM-60. I also get to use a black and white pen. I'm using a black Pentel Pocket Brush pen. For the white pen I'm using the Uniball Signo Broad pen.

I'm using water color paper, that has been taped around the edges. My brown pen is really juicy, but argh, my blue is dry. What's a person to do? I've already used it. So I try to make the best of it. (BTW, at this point...I wanted to throw it in the trash!) I really disliked the color combo. 

Still not too happy with it, but I keep going. What have I got to lose? Right?

I'm starting to like it at this point. After I had colors flatly applied, I try to think about texture and shadows/highlights. To make the appearance of texture, I added hash marks, stipples...some random "hairs" or "fibers" coming off the bird. I almost quit here...but I couldn't stand that white background. I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough ink in my pens, to out right, color it in. 

I went with my old stand by, "rays." It just seemed like it gave it that last bit of umph! :) 

Here's the finished work. I added a few more stipples on the bird and flowers. The tape has been pulled off as well. :)