Saturday, April 18, 2015

Orange Pocket Letter

...what rhymes with Orange...

    I've just completed my fourth Pocket Letter. This one is for my arty friend Sandra. Idolores is her AFA handle. These letters take me forever to make. For the most part, it's because I do up one side with my own art. The other side with mostly commercial bits. I have to say though, even putting together scrapbook papers, is not as ease as one may think. Some peeps just have an eye for it. 

I don't know about you guys, but just finding a subject to start with is difficult! I was browsing Pinterest, when I found a sketch of oranges that I liked. Using the sketch as a model, I did up my own. Lined it in fine tip Sharpie and started to watercolor the palest orange that I had.

I went over the Oranges several time with different hues of Orange. The darkest of the hues where placed where shadows should show up. With two different Copic markers, I added stipples to the skins. To finish them off, I took a pale purple to add the final shadow work. Oh and some stippling with a white marker for the shine. 

I don't like too much open spaces in the works that I do. To remedy that, I often times add quotes or poetry. I thought the poem above was a cheery addition. The author of it obviously frustrated that he can't find anything that rhymes with Orange! :)

Here is the back side...I folded up the letter Origami style. The scrapbook paper makes a handsome background. :) I like that it makes everything uniform. 

I also added homemade Washi tape. To make it, I used Origami paper and my Xyron sticker maker.

I have this small one, but Xyron does make bigger sticker makers. 

Anyhoot, here are the front and backs of a couple of other PL's that I did.

Front (done with oil pastels)

Below is the back to this letter....

Here's the front of another letter...

The below pic is done with acrylic paint and a stencil...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mini Adventure Two

...Rattle Snake Bar...


The Dim Sum was great, but I really wanted to get out and about. My eldest son is a great person to be with when you wanna get out, 'cause he loves to drive! I told him that I wanted to try out my camera on my new phone. I wanted to take pictures of bugs and stuff. Ha!

So we went here, at Folsom Lake. The entrances, I suppose, have different names. The one that we went to was Rattle Snake Bar. A name, that for sure, will put you at ease! Ha ha ha! I had my eyes peeled to the ground. ...which led me to discover this guy...

I was thinking....Hurry up! Snap a pic before it gets away!...It was I got the pic...

On our stroll, I found this heart someone left behind. Told my son we had to take a pic of it, 'cause someone took the time to make it! Tee hee. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Mini Adventure One

...Dim Sum and then some...

   I promised some of my friends that I would post a little bit about my day, that included Dim Sum. What does Dim Sum mean? Translated, it literally means, "Touch your heart." I suppose they are trying to say that you'll love it! Dim Sum are small bite sized foods. They can be savory and they can also be sweet. I've  had Dim Sum practically my whole life. So, I take for granted that this type of dining is an unusual experience in itself. The food comes in little steamer baskets and plates. Your server will be pushing these little cuties, on a cart, letting you choose what you want. These places usually don't look like much on the outside...

This place looks a lot more grand inside...

This place was huge! This pic is just under half of the room. Anyhoot, let's get to the important stuff...the food!

This one is my youngest son's favorite. Siu Mai..."Pork dumpling." It goes by other names too...Shumai, Siomai...etc.

The above pic is also pork, but they have water chestnuts and chopped mushrooms inside too. 

These crazy things are fried shrimp balls. I never eat them...shhh...just 'cause I can never eat them neatly! LOL! I let the kids tackle those!

My favorite is the Fried Taro Ball...

Lucky kids don't like it...all mine. ;)

Anyways, we ordered a bunch of other stuff...but just gotta put down the camera and eat. 

Dessert: Custard Tarts!

If you want to try Dim Sum, but your worried about how to order. Don't be...just about everything is shrimp or pork. The only thing that might turn off some, is the chicken feet and Tripe. They are not disguised, so I wouldn't worry about ordering it. Otherwise, try whatever looks good. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Portland Wonderland Part Three!

...a little bit of retail therapy...

    A lot of gals I see on tv, think of shopping as buying new shoes or a fancy handbag. However, what puts a smile on my face are thrift store finds. The best finds are always something that I can use in my arts & "crap" <-----as I fondly call it! :) 

The above pic is from an antique/thrift store that we found wandering the East Industrial District. Just like "Cargo" from my part one, It's housed in an old warehouse. They rent out spaces within the store for vendors. So you're bound to fall in love with something from here! I fell in love with all of the expensive I had to walk my butt outta there empty handed! LOL! Oh, speaking of Cargo, I forgot to show you these adorably packaged bow ties.....

Although I didn't buy anything at the Grand Market Place, a nice lady inside told me where I can find a postcard rack. I've been wanting one forever. I want it to display of my mail art. She directed us to another warehouse within walking distance. It's a store, FOR stores! Portland Store Fixtures has every rack, mannequin and display you could ever need. Here's my rack with a start of art to's a floor model...pretty tall.... 

I have to think of my small fries during the trip. They love to sticker bomb their skate boards. I was glad to find, in time, a store that was going out of business. I believe the store's name was "Missing Link." Had to do with big foot mostly...but they had other swag. Anyhoot, they love these stickers and so do I! I knicked a couple from the kids! LOL! 

Look closely..they are flip stickers...

Both of these pics are of the same stickers...just flipped...kewl right?! (Stickers are by

I can't believe peeps would use these beautiful stickers to sticker bomb the city! (I'm thankful to those that do might thinks it's trashy, but it's actually just a thing they do in Portland. I'm sure it's done in other cities too....) Call me crazy, but they have excellent graffiti too! 

Goodwill...they're Grrreat! I found this vintage Montgomery Ward label maker AAaand blank rolls of labels. I tried it out and it still works. (Keep an eye out on my future Mail Art. They will be sporting some of these labels.) I also found a metal index card box. Doesn't look like it in the pic, but it's a light green. My favorite color. :) Dunno what it'll become yet, but for 99cents, it's worth hanging on to. 

I also found these two little ceramic birds....can you spot them? They live on my fireplace mantel now. 

Here's one next to the "Winner's Ribbons," I made as a challenge with Idolores of AFA. :) 

Love the color on this one. He sits next to the collaborative painting Nanner and I did.

I hope that you enjoyed the pics from my trip. Wish I could take better ones...I always feel awkward taking pics in front of strangers. They're always looking at what I'm shooting, with a weird look on their face. Eek!