Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kroma Crackle!

...fool'in with something new...

   About a month ago, my son drove me to the new Blick store in Sacramento. He's a good egg. I know I had to have spent a good hour in there browsing the aisles. I came across a silver tube accompanied by some examples of what this product can do. It's called Kroma Crackle. It's about $7 dollars...maybe it can be found cheaper else where, but still not a bad price. It does exactly what it crackles...paint that is...Below are some pics with my experience with it.

First you have to paint your surface with a color that will show through in the cracks. I painted some chipboard pieces with neon pink and yellow acrylic paint

Let that dry completely, or do what I did. Hit it with a hairdryer. Next, squirt out some of the Kroma Crackle. My projects are small, so I don't need much. If you are doing a large area, use a lot. You will need to spread it thick like frosting. I also add a tiny bit of a contrasting color. Stir them until they are completely combined.

Spread the mixture thickly on to your project. Approximately 1mm thick. The thicker the application, the bigger the cracks. 

You will see the difference thickness makes. I messed up the yellow ones! 

To finish any thing that you crackle, you need to seal them. If you don't, the paint will chip and fall off. There are several different ways to do it. As for me, I took some matte decoupage and brushed gently over the crackles. 

I know that are several different brands that crackle, but this one did a fine job of it. :)